Studio Response to COVID-19

At Studio, we are dedicated to creating a welcoming, professional and safe workspace where you can thrive.  As we navigate a world that’s been changed by COVID-19, we’re here to support you and your team with whatever you need.

We’ve spent the last several months developing new policies with the health and safety of our community in mind.  These plans were informed by inputs from internal and external experts, new best practices from the government and WHO, and valuable feedback from our members.  While we will continue to evolve as we learn more, we are committed to rigorously enforcing these new policies to protect and support you.

To view our full protocols: click here.

For a list of COVID-19-related government stimulus programs that may be available to you or your employees: click here.

If you have questions or concerns, reach out to your Studio general manager or contact us at [email protected]

Increased Cleaning & Sanitation 

We are implementing new cleaning protocols, with a focus on increased frequency, high-traffic areas, and frequently touched areas. All anti-viral disinfectant cleaners are CDC-recommended and EPA-registered.

We are stocking common areas like pantries, meeting rooms, phone booths, and lobbies with sanitation supplies, and we’ve optimized HVAC air circulation with upgraded air filters to help draw in more fresh air from the outside. We’re making cleaning, health, and hygiene our priority!

Enabling Social Distancing

De-densifying and creating more personal space is on our mind. To ensure we can comfortably remain at least 6-ft distance from one another, we have reduced the capacity in our lobbies and elevators, and removed furniture and reduced capacities in our common spaces and meeting rooms.

We have made improvements to our onsite wayfinding system to support signage throughout the space as friendly reminders to social distance in high traffic areas.  

And, our locations were originally built with space as a priority – wider corridors, larger common areas, bigger offices, and more pantries and meeting rooms throughout giving people plenty of room to spread out.

A Touchless Experience 

We want to spread love, not germs. That’s why we’re making our workspace experience as touchless as possible. We’re making adjustments to our spaces and replacing fixtures to ensure members have as little to touch as possible – from single use utensils to no-touch garbage cans, to automatic faucets and more.

We will continue to emphasize our virtual programming and activities, as building community and connection is more important than ever.