Studio Private Basic Cleaning Services


All hard surface flooring to be dust mopped nightly.  All other floor maintenance shall be done at Tenant’s expense.

All carpeting and rugs to be carpet swept nightly and vacuumed twice monthly.

Hand dust nightly all furniture tops and exposed surfaces of shelves, ledges and bookcases within reach.

Empty and wipe clean all wastebaskets nightly and remove the contents thereof from the Premises.

Empty and wipe clean all ash trays and screen all sand urns nightly.

Wash clean all water fountains and coolers nightly.

Dust all door and other ventilating louvers within reach, as necessary.

Dust all telephones as necessary.

Sweep all private stairway structures nightly.

All windows, interiors and exteriors, are to be washed approximately five times per year.

Do all high dusting approximately once every three months, namely:

Dust all pictures, frames, charts, graphs and similar wall hangings not reached in nightly cleaning.

Dust clean all vertical surfaces, such as walls, partitions, doors, bucks and other surfaces not reached in nightly cleaning.

Dust clean all pipes, ventilating and air conditioning louvers, ducts, diffusers, high moldings and other high areas not reached in nightly cleaning.

Dust all lighting fixtures, including exterior surfaces of diffusers and enclosures.

Dust all venetian blinds.


Sweep and wash all lavatory floors nightly, using disinfectants.

Wash and disinfect all basins, bowls and urinals nightly.

Wash and disinfect all toilet seats nightly.

Hand dust and clean, washing where necessary, all partitions, tile walls, dispensers and receptacles in all lavatories and restrooms nightly.

Empty paper towel receptacles and transport wastepaper from the Premises nightly.

Fill toilet tissue holders nightly (tissue to be furnished by Landlord).

Empty sanitary disposal receptacles nightly.

Wash interior of wastecans and receptacles at least once a week.

If core lavatory is within Tenant’s space, the soap and towel dispenser will be filled at Tenant’s direction at Tenant’s expense.  If core lavatory is on a public corridor, the soap and towel dispenser will be maintained by Landlord.


Dust mop all floors nightly and wash once a week.  Spray buff resilient tile flooring on a semi-monthly schedule.

Inspect, maintain and keep clean fire hoses, extinguishers and similar equipment as necessary.

Spot wash walls of corridors and public stairways as necessary.

Empty and screen all cigarette urns daily.

Mop floor in public stairwells once per week.

Dust elevator doors and frames, and Building directories as required.


“Nightly”, as used herein, shall be exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.